This is "laying around," I just don't have it uploaded to a new server just yet, and want to fix it up a little first.

Otherworldly has been years in the making, but also, I haven't started. I rewrote a primitive draft of a plot in college for a kids' horror game-ish something then rewrote it to be less like a doom mod. Eventually I decided too much work would go into something that may not be as great as I might think it'd be, so I resorted back to a Doom II mod since the characters were originally inspired by doom characters to begin with.

I had a whole bunch of soundtrack tracks that I made back in the day, for a remake of a failed mod called Nightmares of Loki. The remake was called Loki's Realm. Then I wrote a plot and it became Visions of Loki, then just Visions, then finally Otherworldly: Tales of the Lokust Sun. Now it's probably just going to be called Otherworldly and have different episode names.

Work has not started. I have some test material but nothing Otherworldly related. I do, however, promise the plot will be a bit more awesome than a lot of the doom fan fiction/wad stories that happen. It has some twists and turns, and a few suprises.

Abaddon was an idea I started in 2013 with a level and a half I plan on scrapping and starting over. The story is actually behind the game and not within it. It's full of cheezy knockoff stories and silly shit or a nonexistant plot that you would expect from a 1992-1993 game. Sure DOOM has reached its 25th anniversary lately, but this game exists in an alternate dimension where DOOM wasn't the father of FPS and Wolfenstein 3-D wasn't the grandfather.

The Abaddon series launched in 1992 with Abaddon 1 which was a lot like Wolfenstein 3-D but instead mostly red-colored and it took place in hell. The hellspawn idea happened even earlier in this dimension. The game itself uses enemies from Doom 1 and not Doom 2. The 3D is all flat without stairs and simply side-moving doors like Wolf3D has in our dimension. Instead of coming up with a new idea for the next engine the company could come up with, they decided on making a direct sequel. This sequel has all that doom and doom 2 has: stairs, crushers, lighting effects, etc. It even has the super shotgun already! What makes it different is any part of the story that exists outside of hell is just in text, as the entire game should have been called Inferno instead.

Abaddon 3 is more like Hexen and Quake. It has even more enemies than Abaddon 1 and 2 because it implements extended bestiary into its GZDoom-compatible PK3 file. I should mention all of these are PK3 files to be used in GZDoom, and quite possibly, will all exist in one mod called The Abaddon Collection. Abaddon 3 has not only extended bestiary, but more lighting effects like Hexen, hubs, slopes like Quake, floors above floors, and a much more 3D feel than the former two of the series. It also concludes the Trilogy and you'll fight with Abaddon himself.



Project: M.I.G.A. will be a jokewad, with funny levels, bizarre ideas, and some smart things here and there. Actually, it will probably be one of the more elaborate jokewads. It's basically a real game with cool ideas for each level that have never been done before, and will be the first thing other than Z Chambers that I will put out there... except I have a bad rep for bad mods in the past so I'm calling it a jokewad so it gets a better review than it normally would.

The first level should surely give this away. It starts out like any old jokewad with shitty level design and then when you arrive at one of the final rooms things are pretty damn detailed and beautiful. Not only that, but there will be 256 textures made of solid colors, each representing a pixel from the palette (.pal) file. This palette will then be used in 64x64 squares to replicate many enemy stills in the game itself. They will of course be very far away to trip you out and also so you can see them in full.

There will be some less elaborate level ideas of course, I mean it's a joke wad and I don't want to spend months on it, but all in all it will be a good mix. There will be a haunted hotel level where when you pass each door if you listen close you can hear some pretty bizarre and entertaining shit!

Years ago, 1995 to be exact, I made a doom level that finally worked! I was just testing, but it worked! It was shaped like a Z (kind of) and zig zagged around to the exit. After this I still struggled. It was the DOS days, and those doom editors were a little harder to figure out. So I made a second level where I just changed the textures of the first level and completed a full episode of the same thing with different textures and enemies over and over and over again for 3 full games. I called the trilogy "Chambers of Death." There was also a wad called "Doom Battlefields" where I did the same thing with my second level. I of course figured other things out and built on to said structures with stairs, tunnels, and whatnot. I then created "Doom Nightmares" where some levels copied from each other but overall I started to change things up and had square rooms for a level or spirals and who knows what else.

I started "Chambers of Death 4: The Legacy Continues" in 1996 with a dehacked patch full of suprises (such as a plasma shot being a stationary object that when shot became a crazy fast imp) but the floppy became unreadable, so Chambers 4 was lost forever. You can consider these early wads just for testing. When I released Chaos95, an actual doom wad with actual levels that though still kind of terrible proved I was getting the hang of things, I put these early wads online as well. You can find them on doomworld if you search "ERLYWADS.ZIP" under filename in the /idgames archive.

I had since moved on, as I had mentioned, to Chaos95 (which had the structure of "Chambers of Death" now aka "Z Chambers" hidden in it) and then Nightmares of Loki 1999 (which also did the same thing). I released a remake level of N.O.L.'s Ice Cave, "Glacial Caverns" in 2003/2004 on idgames. It also had this structure. I have this thing with always including this structure of my very first level in everything, whether it's meant to be a high quality mod or not, it deserves an homage.

And now in 2019 I decided since I'm going to start modding again in the future, why not test the waters of the new source ports and scripting and whatnot by making a sequel to the trilogy now titled "Z Chambers."

Current Progress: 8 maps (download)

Filesize 418Kb

The first time I had attempted to make a doom level, I failed. Then I failed again. In fact, the only time that worked was the first level of this "megawad" which due to so much failure ended up the same level over and over again with different weapons, enemies, textures, and imported music. After a while I got ballsy and started adding bridges, stairways, and other nonfunctioning mishaps, but all in all the level format is the same throughout. Since it somewhat resembles the letter 'Z', everything after Chambers of Death 3 in reference to this sacred level format shall be known as Z Chambers. The second format to this level format was known as the Battlefieldz format.
Filesize 605Kb

The next in line of this series borrows from the same level format throughout all over again, this time with a lot of appendages. The music came from a 'Voyetra' collection floppy disk series that came with the sound card. Anyone who had anything good at all to say about this trilogy pointed out that the music was its best quality. Unfortunately, I didn't do much in the realm of choosing or searching the web to peruse my finds. They all just came in order from the floppy disks. The sequel map to this trilogy I might mention is MAP02 of "Make It Go Away" called "100 CHAMBERZ." It consists of 10 x 10 levels. Each has its own MIDI file, textures from external repositories, DOOM 2 enemies, and is just 1 level.
Filesize 687Kb

The last contains the most appendages. In fact, on the 'rarities' episode 4, there is an 18-level version and on the third episode, a chain of chambers having 9 chambers. A lot of the MIDI music picks actually came from the internet and not just stock cd-roms that came with the computer's sound card or the packard bell multimedia cd. These include Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Queen, amongst other classic bands. Since I mentioned the sequel level to this trilogy on Chambers of Death 2, I feel I should also mention MAP21 of M.I.G.A will be called "200 CHAMBERZ." It will consist of even more textures and cheezy MIDI greats from the world wide web.
Filesize 290Kb

This is another level format that zig zags for more run-and-shoot gameplay. If you really wanted to stick around and kill 'em all, you would need to enter the IDFA cheat code like in the last games. There are thirty-six levels and the last eight are pretty unbearable without the IDDQD or console GOD mode implemented. There was never a sequel as planned. Once I had started a DOOM 2 sequel, but that file is long lost. There was also going to be a Chambers of Death 4: The Legacy Continues with hundreds of Dehacked alterations made where weird objects like a cell from a plasma rifle laying on the floor became fast-moving enemies like imps once triggered.
Filesize 137Kb

This is when shit got real so to speak. 1-2 levels would come to be their own formats, and I was well on my way to piecing together what would finally become a real set of levels (kind of). Even though the title screen shows the title and has (sucks) written underneath it, and the only way to get this mod was to extract it from another mod via a lump editor, it stands in history as the first time that I got other formats to finally start working. "Linedefs Without Sidedefs Don't Play" and it took me forever to realize just that simplicity. The next two are also Nightmares level collections, where I test doors and things.
Filesize 503Kb

Doors and Floors, etc. This was a pretty good start to figuring things out finally, so this file got its own release to be (that I didn't expect to be) reviewed on doomworld's idarchive file system. I had assumed when you uploaded a level to FTP that it got moved to its ABC folder and that was that. Instead, they're all up for constant review since 1995-1996 on Doomworld's website. These are still precursor mods and what I probably would consider the first would be Chaos'95. There were finally complete levels that were actually unique and had puzzles. There was also a ChamberZ tribute on there as well. I also used a lump editor to hide some pretty weird things in these files.
Filesize 439Kb
Complete with an awesome classical soundtrack, this is the first mod that I let my older sister Elizabeth play. These were also made for my adopted younger siblings that spanned 5-7 years younger than myself at the time, so traditional DOOM was too hard for them. The next mod, Doom Chaos 3, renamed to Chaos'95, is the official first mod that I will mildly consider worth taking credit for. It was still considered primitive in the comments, but weren't they all. At least it had several levels whereas usually that isn't the case. Also, the maps are usually better on first released attempts. Since I'm giving myself a second chance and LOKI'99 is the final of this phase, My name will be Lokust on releases from now on.
CHAOS 95 (1995)
Filesize 834Kb
Chaos3 later became Chaos:Arrival which was going to be part of a trilogy or quadrilogy featuring: Arrival, Invasion, Departure, and maybe Oblivion or Omega. Then it just became Chaos95 once I realized there weren't any good reviews out of the few I got. There was even a speedmapping page that blamed the poor level design for the walkthrough demos being so horrid. This was, however, my first true attempt. I was pretty proud of it before the internet got ahold of me. There were heretic pieces, such as stained glass windows, and music and other things when source ports were unheard of. I think it's pretty good for a one man solo act of a full megawad featuring all four episodes plus all parts altered even music, done in only a month or two.
Filesize 4.66Mb

In 1999 there was no knowledge of source ports until this mod was released finally in 2003. There were promises I would start on a hi-def version using jdoom/doomsday, but the reviews were so bad that I had discontinued work shortly after loki plagued doomworld. Nightmares of Loki was my attempt without a HUB-enabled hexen-style source port with ACS that had hubs. Each map was its own hub and set of offspring sub-levels. You go in one, do some things, the second opens, you backtrack, and it was just one huge switch hunt after a while. The bad reviews got into detail, previous mods, boringness, and the highest rated portion was unoriginal, and was the music. I got 2/10 on that.

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